Frequently Asked Questions

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Will my insurance cover this?

Insurance policies change from person to person, employer to employer. As a helpful tool for you, we will call your insurance and check your policy for you and then provide you with a "quote of benefits" that explains what's covered and what isn't, as well as your potential liability (how much you might have to pay) for these services.

How long will it take to get my brace/prosthesis?

This is a multiple level question!

(a) How long your appointments take & how long it takes to get your brace or your prosthesis depends on a lot of factors, including your rehabilitation process.
(b) We are a part of your healthcare team, so we will check in with your doctor and/or physical therapist as often as needed to make sure that you are doing as well as you can the whole time.
(c) We will also, sometimes, have to coordinate with your insurance company to get approval to provide your prescribed services. In those cases, we will have to wait for your insurance to process our request before we continue.
(d) Once all of the pieces fit together, we will fabricate your device as quickly as possible. There will be technical time needed so that we can make the best thing for you. That time changes from person to person & we will take as much time as necessary to make sure that you are getting exactly what you need.

Do I have to pay for my appointments?

NEVER!! We will never charge for appointments, for the life of your device. There are warranties in place from the manufacturers that cover you, but we guarantee our work for the lifetime of the device.

When will I need to replace my device?

This depends on you. Some people's bodies change when they use the item that we made for them, and that means that we have to make new devices much faster than usual. Other people use devices for years and never need any change, just small adjustments. This is part of the reason that we never have you pay for appointments; we want you to feel as comfortable as you can and as productive as you can at all times.

Are you able to come to my house/hospital/skilled nursing facility?

Absolutely! We will go anywhere that we need to in order to take care of our patients. We have been all over the state, in every type of setting to help our patients experience the best rehabilitation possible. We do prefer seeing patients in our office, as we have our own, on-site lab that can make many of the adjustments or additions that you need while you wait, but we do understand that sometimes coming in isn't possible. In those cases, we will make whatever accommodation necessary to take care of you.